Nude with Bird, By Deanne Richards, 2013, all rights reserved, copyright



Theater of Dreams

Above these sculptured hills rise
Dazzling white clouds sail these skies
Meandering breeze strides ‘cross gorges green
With fragrant sweet spices from sources unseen

Ascending, unending: commanding our eyes
Beholding their glory raptured on high

Be there an Architect for vapors design
Who masters order, from course to fine
Radiates refracted, Autographed Light
Guiding the billow and nimbus aright?
Achromatic, brilliant mist gleams
Clouds converging, ever emerging
Rest ‘oer this valley: Theater of Dreams

Marck J. Riggins
©All Rights Reserved

Insanity inflated my vanity ego, Lost my mind in a space and time where being divine leads to defiant evolution, Poetry in motion, painting portraits of insane asylums, in my mind dark clouds run wild like usain racing, OD’ing off the ink in my hyperthermic needle my pens the exorcism, The city on the moons my womb, shedding cocoons, headed hell-bound for the tomb doomed on doomsday, The evolution of a revolutionary mind,,

Brogrik Scott ChasingtThedream
©All Rights Reserved

A summer’s cloud

She sat opposite of me
… When I was stealing my copybook’s virginity
She gifted from her eyes a kiss to me
I thought it’s to someone else
But no one was behind me
Every tıme she was staring at me
My paper’s virginity was stealing
Her face is a reflection of moon on water
And I am the wisher who tosses a wish to the bottom
She has got the laughter of the dawn in his rise
Her lips look like two banks of river
When I send a kiss she laughs
Then I see the whiteness of a cloud
Her breast like tow mountain
Lined in centre by light river
And I am a happy cloud on the top
She lift her red fustian a little
And my eyes like her thigh never seen
There was a lovely nevi as stars in the sky
She catches a long cigarette
And put it between her lips
Every corner blow its fume
Maybe extinguish my burning heart fortunate
I gazed in her face
Maybe I know her
Or know where I saw her
And I am lost in her magic eyes
Then, I remembered she is princess of my dreams
A paper dropped
From her softy hand
She went out from the restaurant quickly
I thought the paper is a perfume love letter
It was the restaurant bill
The boat was close from the coast
And there was no problem
Which crazy time this storm had?!
To destroyed a boat which anchored
For moments

سحابةُ صيف
جلستْ في المطعمِ أمامي
وأنا أفضُ عذرية دفتري
أهدتني من عينيها قبلة
خلتها لغيري
لم أجد أحدا ورائي
كلما تحدقُ في عيوني
تُسلَبُ عذرية ورقتي
وجهها انعكاس قمر ٍعلى الماءِ
وأنا الرامي لأمنية في القاعِ
لها ضحكة الفجر في بزوغه
وشفاه الجوري في تفتحه
نهداها جبلان يشقهما نهر ضياء
وأنا سحاب يتغزل على القمةِ
رفعتْ قليلاً من فستانها الأحمر
وعيني مثل ساقيها ما أبصر
بدا على ساقيها شاماتٌ
كإطلالة النجوم في السماءِ
أمسكتْ لفافة تبغ طويلة
ووضعتها بين شفاهها هنيهة
نفثتْ دخانها كل زاوية
لعلها تطفئ ً صدفةً نار قلبي
أمعنتُ النظر فيها
لعليّ أتذكرها
لم أعلم ْمكان لقياها
صرت تائهاً في عينيها
ثم تذكرتها أميرة أحلامي
سقطتْ من أناملها ورقة
وخرجتْ من المطعم مسرعة
حسبتُها رسالة عشق معطرة
وإذا هي بفاتورة المطعمِ
اقتربتْ السفينة من الشاطئ
ولم يكنْ هناك أي طارئ
فأي توقيت كان للعاصفةِ
لتدمر مركباً رسا لثواني

Nouzad Jaadan
© All Rights Reserved

“The mystical ”
Art and words by
Theresa zwart-Ludeman

Crescent moon
four panes of glass
in azure sky with
Gray Mauve abounds
I am of now.

Look to sky as the stars appeared
As to sparkled a song for I .

My body lithe from surrender of our Sphere, so dear to me.

The night, the wind, the light,
the songs of much ancient lands.

The old filmstrip merging images
So swiftly.
Within mind’s eye.
How glourious a gift of divinity that
but be lost and found again.

The creatures, the night birds song.
I was lost in in a passion bethrold as by grace.
I was Alive.
This journey of words, art and love
Theresa Zwart-Ludeman©All Rights Reserved

The Owl Messenger

I drink the inner bark of Pau D Arco
Through the rings of these dreaming trees
I watch the earth in the deep immensity
… Scrying the stars for an elders story
I offer corn meal and sage
Deer rib and red clover
To the mother of us all.

I her follow her soul tracks

Over rain pocked ice through saplings
Over logs and bark flakes in the deep
Wintering of my life
Lies the owl foot in my next step
Yellow skin and talons
Lying in ice crystals
The rest of the bird no where

To see the owl messenger
Stops me rushing through my life
Moon returns its light
Through smoke and rattle transforming
Into the elder wings brush thoughts
Ride the drums energy beyond time
And find her there wings still flying
In the medicine of her foot left behind
Wing beats of healing song
To the rhythm of my flight

by: Brian Brogan – The Painted Story

Traveler without road
to all homeless children.
From the street ‘s heart I born
Under the high castle I grow
The rich ‘s windows reflect my sadness
I never did sex with any wall
But it increased in my face
My pens is branches from sadness tree
It ink ‘s from flow tears
My sorrow is blind and dumb
My happiness is lightning and thunder
All travelers knew there ways
I am traveler with out track
Hey! Who let me alone
Every bird need a flock
Where you flied my heart ‘s stealing?
That they talk about
Does it disappeared under mornings wings ?
Where my happiness is hiding?
Is it in Ali Baba ‘s cave?
If it there what is password?!
Open Ya Somsom or adieu my sadness
The rocks in the way were broken
I always bite it so it frequent
Hey sir!
Do you know bite the rocks?!
Look to my strong teeth grind the rocks although it is milky
Hey sir!
Do you put on shoes of glass?
Do you wear a shawl of wind?
Hey you! insomniac in the night
Made a bed from cement and a blanketed sky
Then count the stars.. it is amazing medicine
Hey years!
What is birthday? ..why do not celebrate in death day?
I know my death hour and don not know born hour
My pervious footstep brings my coming footstep
Why romantic persons miss to past
Then their past watches perk with gold
Then they said the sundown is a gold hour
They will travel with windy train
I will travel without has ticket Or passport
From many years I am lost in sounds
And the wind is the biggest tin
When the wind is blowing I guessed the absent return
He bored from his holly day and return
He came to talked about Sharzad ‘s stories
And gives a lesson to wind because it laughs at branches
Hey sea!
Tell me who is hiding when you alliance with sky
What matter with you always hit the rock and leaved it without suit
Hey sea!
You made from me an island
Far and alone
Where is the gulfs and heads
Why don ‘t share me the glasses
I was bored from hipping from hard heart chest
Where is my aspect and you are around me?!
Orthopedist I be a traveler without aspect
The boats come near from me
You kick it so it sinks
The glad hour for me when you be palsy
A timer palsy
Like rainbow amuse me
Hey sea!
Am I a drunken boat ?..but does boat be drunken?
Or you a drunken
What matter with the storm?
It is blowing when the boat closed from beach
In the sea you need to captain
And every thing at earth need to counter
Looking at stars need to strong leg
Loving moon need to a large heart
Walking in the street need to gravity
What about traveling to mars
DO WE need to captain, legs, heart and gravity?
Hey! Who bathing by hot water
Did the dessert slept with you?
Then you bathing by the snow
Dried your body with air
And sat in tired slats carton house
Played a tone that ‘s name cough
Koh koh
Then you did not met a doctor
Front the sickness by sickness
I have immunity
Challenge the cold I
heal the snivel with cold
And heal the wounds by salt
Do you can do it?
Who bathing by hot water
One day I hoped be a berry
On strong branch
at the tree
It has puff from loaf
Do not smacked by wind
Rain cann ‘t invasive
but smack by bland breeze then it is jerking in happy
Hey castles! Hey happiness !
A day will come when your pictures fall down
A day will come when you sink in your hopes
It will be ashes or dirt
Hey castles! Hey happiness !
A death morning
Who drew on my face a geography
A death morning
Who let me share a cup with tears
One day I decided burn the castles
I caught a candle
Before I start I saw a absent ‘s shadow
He said: don ‘t burn the street you will burn
I said : who burn his heart don ‘t ask about his hands
Take the candle and continue turn on the street ‘s lambs
His shadow still set in the street who diffusion the light
He said then traveled
As the past when he threw me in the train and traveled
Ah mirrors!
And who mirrors cheat them
Why you see just the face ?
The moral is seeing the heart
I am unique dealer
I sell flowers
And buy thistles with scrimpy price
Hello sadness
My mother and my wet nurse
You suckle me milk mixed with tears
Does wine mix with sugar?!
Some one know you very good
Some one know you little
You are world ‘s wet nurse
And who the fate frown in their face
it works in holiday too
My hopes bored from sitting on clouds
The cloud omitted it without rain
Hey crow! Where is my hopes?
My dreams is dim light
The street ‘s light eat it
Hey sadness ! do you accept me as astrologer about you
I am without job
I know the street ‘s length, width, and highest
And they don ‘t accept me as engineer
Christmas will come and go
You will not felt it
New year will come and travel
You will not felt it
The lovers will met and the night will steal them
They will not felt it
The sadness will grow in us
But I will felt it very will
Hello who growing in me
Travelers changeable
But the train continue his travel
Why the train don ‘t change
Hey castles own ! answer me!
Why are you afraid from death?
I don ‘t afraid
Does I have sorrow gun
Or I don ‘ t have any thing to lost
I am Traveler without track
I don ‘t cant emotion from you I need just heart
Seed the flowers where you go
Don ‘t forget ..don ‘t set on tree ‘s branches
Who buckled his neck ..he fixation to ask
We will plants trees and roses in our road
In travel ‘s road
A far away from destruction and graves
The past was painful memory
Let make tomorrow as beautiful memory
It will be rain rain

Lattakia 2004

translated from Arabic :
مسافرٌ بدون درب
منْ قلبِ الشارعِ ولدتُ
تحتَ القصورِ الفخمةِ ترعرعتُ
بلّورُ الأغنياءِ يعكسُ أشجاني
لْم أضاجعْ حائطاً قطْ
لكنّها تكاثرتْ في وجهي
أقلامي أغصان من شجرة الحزن دواتُه ينبوع الدموعِ
حزنيّ أبكمٌ ضريرٌ
أما فرحي برق ورعد مسموع
الكل مسافرٌ وعارفٌ لطريقه
وأنا المسافر بدون درب
هِيْ! يا من تركتني وحيدا
كل طير يحتاج إلى سرب
فأين طرتَ يا سارق القلبِ
وأين اختفتْ تلك الأمسيات
تلك التي يتكلمون عنها
هل اختفت تحت جناح الصباحات!
وأين تختبئ سعادتي؟
هل هي في مغارة علي بابا؟!
إنْ كانتْ هناك تختبئْ
فما كلمةُ سرِّها
افتح يا سمسم أم سلاماً يا حزن
الحجارة في الطريق تكسرتْ
قضمتها مرارا فتبعثرتْ
يا سيد!
هل تعرف قضم الحجارة
انظرْ لأسناني القوية تطحن الحجارة وما زالتْ لبنية
يا سيد!
هل انتعلتَ حذاءً من زجاج
وهل اكتسيتَ وشاحا من رياح
وأنتَ يا مؤرقا في المساء
افرش مثلي فراشا من اسمنت والتحف بالسماء
ثم عدّ النجوم وسترى أنه أفضل دواء
أيا سنين!
ما هو عيد الميلاد؟؟!!..وما الذي يمنع الاحتفال بعيد الموت
فأنا أعرف ساعة موتي ولا اعرف ساعة مولدي
خطواتي السابقة تجرها خطواتي الآتية
فلمَ تحنون أيها الرومانسيون للماضي
وتترصع ساعاتكم الماضية بالذهب
ثم تنعتون ساعة الغروب بالذهبية
سترحلون وتسافرون في قطار من أثير
وأنا المسافر بدون درب
راحل دون أن أملك تذكرة سفر
أو حتى جواز سفر
منذ زمن أنا غارق في الأصوات
والريح أكبر كاذب خوان
تهبُ الريح فأظن التائه قد عاد
قد ملّ من إجازته وعاد
جاء ليحكي لي قصص شهرزاد
وليؤدب الرياح لعبثها بالأغصان
أيا بحر !
قلْ لي من يختبئ عندك لحظة اتحادك مع السماء
وما بالك تضرب الصخرة مرارا وتتركها بدون رداء
أيا بحر !
جعلتني جزيرة
وحيدة بعيدة
فأين أنتِ أيتها الخلجان والرؤوس
ما بك لا تشاركينني الكؤوس
مللتُ الوثب وحيدا من صدرٍ غليظ القلب
أين وجهتي وأنتَ من حولي
مجبرا صرتُ مسافرا بدون درب
فمراكب تأتي نحوي
ترفسها بقدمك فتهوي
ساعة السرور عندي
لحظة تأتيك نوبة الشلل
ذاك الشلل المؤقت
كقوس القزح يؤنسني
أيا بحر
هل أنا مركب ثملٌ ؟!.. لكن هل يسكر المركب
أم أنت الثمل؟!..
فما بال العاصفة تهب
باقتراب المركب من اليابسة
في البحر تحتاج لقبطان
و كل شيء في اليابسة يحتاج إلى مقابل
النظر إلى النجوم يحتاج إلى قدم صلبة
التدله بالقمر يحتاج إلى قلب واسع
السير في الطريق يحتاج إلى جاذبية
فماذا لو سافرنا إلى المريخ
هل نحتاج إلى قبطان و قدم وقلب وجاذبية
يا من تستحمون بالماء الساخن
هل ضاجعتكم يوما البيداء
ثم استحممتم بالثلج
ونشفتم بعدها جسمكم بالهواء
و جلستم في بيت كرتوني منهك الأضلاع
وأصدرتم لحناً اسمه سعال
كح كح !
ولم تزوروا طبيبا فعال
وقاومتم المرض بالمرض
فأنا عندي مناعة
أتحدى البرد
وأعالج الزكام بالبرد
وأعالج الجروح بالملح
فهل تستطيعون ذلك
يا من تستحمون بالماء اللافح
تمنيتُ يوما أن أكون ثمرة
على غصن قوي
على ظهر شجرة
تتخذُ لحافاً
من ورقة
لا تصفعها الرياح
ولا من المطر اجتياح
بل يصفعها نسيم ٌ لطيفٌ فتهتز نشوة
أيا قصور! أيا سرور!
سيأتي يوم وتسقط لوحاتكم
سيأتي يوم وتغرقون بآمالكم
وستتحول لرماد أو تراب
أيا قصور! أيا قبور!
صباح الموت
لمن رسم على وجهي تضاريسا
صباح الموت
لمن جعلني أنادم دموعا
قررتُ يوماً إحراق القصور
فحملتُ شمعة في يدي
وقبل البدء بان ظل التائه أمامي
لا تحرق الشارع ستحترق أصابعك, قال هو
من احترق قلبه لا تهمه أصابعه, قلتُ له
خذ الشمعة وأكمل إشعال مصابيح الحي والصوامع
فمن نشر النور يبقى طيفه جليساً في عمق الشوارع
قالها وغادر
كما عندما رماني في القطار وسافر
إيه يا مرايا
ويا أيها المخدوعون بالمرايا
ما لكم ترون الوجوه
العبرة في رؤية القلوب
فأنا التاجر الفريد
أبيع الزهور
واشتري الأشواك بسعر زهيد

سلامات يا حزن
يا أمي ومرضعتي
أرضعتني حليبا ممزوجا بالدموع
فهل يخلط النبيذ بالسكر
البعض يعرفكِ جيدا
والبعض يعرفكِ قليلا
فأنت ِ مرضعة الدنيا
و لمن عبس في وجههم القدر
تعملُ حتى أيام العطل
آمالي ملتْ الجلوس على ظهر السحاب
فأسقطها السحاب بدون وابل
أين سرقتَ آمالي أيها الغراب؟
وأحلامي ضوء خافت
تبلعها أضواء الرصيف
فهل تقبلني مُنجِما عنك أيها الحزن
فأنا بدون عمل
أعرف مساحة الطريق وطوله وعرضه
ولم يقبلوني مهندسا للعمل
سيأتي رمضان ويغادر
ولن تشعروا به
سيمر العيد ويسافر
ولن تشعروا به
سيلتقي العشاق وسيسرقهم الليل
ولن يشعروا به
سيكبر الحزن فينا
ولكني سأشعر به جيدا
فسلامات يا من تكبر فيّ
الركاب يتبدلون ويتغيرون
ولكن القطار يستمر بالسفر
لمَ لا يتبدل القطار
جاوبوني يا أصحاب القصور
فما بكم تخشون المنون
أنا لا أهابه
هل لأني أحمل سلاحا من حزن
أم لأني لا املك شيئا أخسره
أنا المسافر بدون درب
لا أتسول العطف فقط احتاج منكم القلب
ازرعوا الورود أينما حللتم
وإياكم والجلوس على أغصان الشجر
فمن التوى عنقه تعود على الركوع
سنزرع الأشجار والزهور في طريق الترحال
و في طريق السفر
بعيدا عن الخراب و القبور
فالماضي ذكرى أليمة
وليكن الغد ذكرى جميلة
ليكن مطراً مطر
أغنية اليتيم اللاذقية صيف 2004
Nouzad Jaadan©All Rights Reserved

“Diamond Kate”

With a feral hunger and a prickly itch
Diamond Kate robs the poor and gives to the rich
There’s no homeland security when she comes to town
Buying up your homestead, tearing it down
And reselling the land at a costly amount

A poacher, a miser, a transplanted dry wit
Reclaiming ghost towns for the chainstore pirate
She steals candy from the babys in dire poverty
Swipes food stamps for her bootleg from a welfare family

She paints the facades of the downtown saloons
Raising property values for a real estate boom
Substitute teaching indigenous youth
A tenant employee and boarder recluse
Kate squelches the truth of child abuse

Diamond left New Orleans to claim her estate
When her landlord hubby pilfered her stake
With a license to plunder and a plantation mind
And the Encroachers Handbook for crossing the line
She procures some bonds and inherits a mine
Cleaning up the county with her pockets lined

The drunken empress of laboring strays
Abets the cattle rustling marauders trade
And desires to acquire the no wage slave
An imprisoned village bows to the crown
Diamond Kate Millionaire seized a whole town
Raven Drake©All Rights Reserved

“Valerie De La Rosa”

If really I have yet for is working here,
I can not die out. And yet if I were dying,
it was no longer makes sense to live.
Last night I looked at the bookshelves.
The great works of life both to prove it …
and as I was born – because I was born for something,
otherwise why would the victim…
Valerie De La Rosa©All Rights Reserved


Because we have to go, gotta go
youth across the storm-torn,
as far as until God’s silence,
go to we while are not coming the evening,
Slowly open the garden gate,
watch your flower beds,
tools are put in place,
to caress the little dog,
back to the gravel road,
the well, dance into the shadows,
then knock on the glass window,
as if he had already been
here, he knocked softly,
alarmed but he hurried on.

Leleszi Balázs Károly
© All Rights Reserved

“Distant Beholder”

When the horizon averts the fusion of emptiness and absence
I start counting the last clouds –all ungathered
as those mass of frozen aches
my blue sky longs to heal.
It sends them away
to something that awaits in the westerly direction
only to paint the colour of billowing bonfires
across the existing cleavage
And this sky- merely a distant beholder
The holder of my universe!

©Munia Khan 2012

You sit face to face the other, and you do not know what he’s talking about. You do not understand, he’s stranger to you. You can not approach it. Because the two soul are not talking to each other. There are no harmony. Always define the connection of souls. The body is only a means of expression. Sit face to face the other, and you words without even know what to he say. His eyes, his face, his smile, gesture says it all. Because the two soul talking to each other at this time. And if it is face to face with true, then it must be true, even if two people are far apart. because the souls meet and talk to. Because the soul is free….

Valerie De La Rosa
© All Rights Reserved